Order Process

Ordering windows from us is quite easy, not much different from local supplier. Give us a little more time for delivery, you will save budget and get quality windows. We have specially designed window system for Australia and other market, we can also deliver windows to clients’ project site. Let’s see the process to use our windows.
1. Quote
Clients provide window schedule to us for pricing. If window schedule is not ready, a detailed list or plan drawing works too.
2. Find out installation solution
The specially designed windows are not hard to install, we can also provide installation components such as sub-frame, Fin and timber reveal, L-angles. Installation solution section drawing is also available on request.
3. Place order
When we received deposit from client, we will produce drawing to client to check each and every detail before production.
4. Production
This will take about 5-6 weeks to order materials and finish production.
5. Delivery
Marine shipment usually takes about 3 weeks, another 1 week for custom handling and local transportation to project site. 
Worry about window storing? Buy a container for storage!
6. Install windows
Installation can be handled by clients with the provided installation components and solution, or by professionals who have experiences installing our windows. Panels of big windows are separable and joinable, which don’t require many labours during installation.
7. After sales
Sometimes a few orders have after sales issues, small damage in transportation or misuse. We will be cooperative no matter how the issues occured, we can send you new parts, or find our a solution as soon as possible, because we treasure long term business opportunity.