About Workmanship

Basically window and door are just assembly of aluminium extrusion, glass, hardware, sealant and other parts. It looks like an easy fabrication job, but workmanship, the way how materials are fabricated, makes a great difference.
Most windows and doors are square ones with corners, how the corner jointed decide the tightness and durability. The corner-conjection quality is a major factor of good ones and defective ones. Tight and uniform corner gap is important. After years of improvement, our manufacturer now use optimized methods to make the fine corner-junction, including
  • Reinforced chevron corner connector
  • German neutral gap-filling sealant
  • German transparent high bonding strength corner adsive
  • Modified corner-junction manners
Glass is such an important part of windows and doors that many users want the glass section as much glass as possible, some even prefer frameless glass window and door. Glass in window and door is not just a transparent section you can see through from one side to another, it's a great barrier that prevent heat, water, wind, suspended solids, intruder and many others. It protect people inside. Such an improtant part of the house need trouble-free installtion. Same as Corner-Junction, our workshop has paied much attention on glazing, the brief of our glazing method includs but not limited to the following
  • American neutral silicone sealant
  • Unique smooth glazing sealant applying method
  • Improved glazing selant cooling and care method
Our window and door need travel thounds of miles to get to the destination, client's project site. During the long trip, there are countless jolts on the ocean. How to pack them means client can get them safe and sound, or not. We secure them in different manners, such as
  • Each corner double protected by thick brown paper and tape
  • Each set of window and door respectively fully protected by plastic fillm
  • Same sized ones binded in iron stand in standing position
  • Sole sized ones specially protected
  • Heavy and large units banding to heavy hooks inside the container to prevent movement during transportation
  • unistallad glass for large panels protected in timber case